Burlap sack = my first sweater

Well, I finished it... my first real sweater. It is WAY too big for me, the sleeves go over my hand, but I don't care, because this is a landmark! Since it was my first sweater, I knew there were going to be mistakes... so I went cheapo on the yarn. I used LB Homespun--I don't remember the colorway. Whatever it was, it was $2 a skein at JoAnn's, so that was enough to make me buy it. I started out using a pattern, but then I scrapped it. I did not like where it was headed, so about 7 or 8 inches up in back, I went my own way. Does this make it my own design?

It is a nice comfy "around the house" sweater. My favorite thing about it is the improvised boatneck. I cannot believe it turned out so well.