Schule hat begonnen

School started today! I packed my Trapper Keeper, and my lunchbox. I got my pencil case and my backpack. Okay, not really... but I wish I had all that cool stuff... I just had my notebook and an old pen, and these:

Don't they look riveting? Such is the life of a Library Science student...
Actually, I only had one class today, and it was quite interesting!
So, Tuesdays and Saturdays are now official class days.

I knew that today would be a good day...
I was greeted by these little beauties when the sun came out:

The color almost took my breath away! I would love to find yarn this color!

Here is a funny picture of my three cuties: Kris, Jenny and Bella

And ... here is Rehoboth in her near-finished state:

She is not done. I still have the neckline to do.

I hope to finish that tonight or tomorrow... the sweater came out a lot "boxier" than I intended. I have had this problem with my other sweaters as well, and of the three I have made, this is definitely the best sweater so far. Perhaps I am using too big of needles and too chunky of yarn? I don't know, but I really hope to make something that is a little more fitted...

A great big thank you to everyone who reads and sends me feedback! You all make my day! I really love reading all of your blogs as well! :)


A Tale of Two Knitties

It was the best of times, it was the ... best of times!
Especially when you enjoy a day at the coolest little shop in Maryland, Folk Art Studio and Cafe! ... and that is exactly what Megan and I did yesterday! We got our knit on... and ate the best grilled cheese sandwiches EVER... and drank yummy chai... and talked to the awesome staff... the list goes on.

We met up at the shop, and unbeknownst to us, it was their Open House day. We walked in and there was a knitting lesson going on! Jeannie was showing a customer how to knit with some luscious Lamb's Pride.

(L-R Top: Kathy (shop owner), and Megan modeling the cutest baby sweater!
Bottom: New knitty customer, and Jeannie)

Megan began working on her baby blanket (which will come in handy in three months... She is due in November!) I worked on a quick ribbon scarf project in a drop stitch pattern.

Megan and I show off our projects, and the lovely atmosphere of the shop.

Erika, one of the lucky staff members, models her shawl, fresh off the needles! Bellisima!

The cafe offers some delicious vegan / vegetarian treats, and tons of good drinks!

...the time came for us to choose some yarn to take home with us...

Megan's Stash

Lauren's Stash

It is a little unclear, but we both made out like bandits! It was discount day, and we took advantage of that.

Megan was wooed by the captivating Colinette Giotto, (we can have matching scarves!) and we both got hanks of the lovely Ironstone New Wool.

We got swifted...

and had to take off after 4 hours of fun!

We had a great time! If you are in the Maryland suburbs area, you have got to stop by Folk Art Studio and Cafe. You will find lovely yarns, great staff, and yummy food and drink.

Check out Megan's blog later today for her pictures!


Rehoboth (Pink Monster) is nearing completion... I have a few more inches, then my new and improved neckline, and she will be prêt-à-porter!

My mom's ribbon drop-stitch scarf is done! This was tons-o-fun to make!

And my final stash enhancement tally:

  • 3 balls of Lion Brand Landscapes (I made a quick trip to JoAnn!)
  • 1 ball of Ironstone mohair
  • 1 hank of Ironstone New Wool (to match the one I bought last week!)
  • 2 hanks of Knit One Crochet Too Tartalette
  • 2 hanks of Colinette Mercury in Alabaster and Turquoise
  • 2 sets of darning needles, because mine always disappear

  • 8.27.2004


    So, I changed the look of the blog... I made a little graphic up top, and found this paisley background that I was quite fond of...

    and made buttons: (they will be on my sidebar from now on)

    Buttons are super fun to make! I could make a thousand (well maybe not really that many...) Feel free to use it, but as always, please download to your own server. Many thanks!

    KnitKnite Extraordinaire!

    I had the wonderful opportunity to meet two other Maryland knitters last night, Heather, and Ei. Knit, chat, talk about blogs we love... it was great fun!

    Three devout bloggers present, and I was the only one to have a camera with the memory cartridge, so these are only my accounts of what actually happened at KnitKnite...

    Ei recently finished the lovely Audrey pattern, and was helping Heather get through some particularly nasty increases. Don't give up H, you are so close!
    Take note of Ei's awesome Pagan tank top, and it may be hard to see, but Heather has the coolest pink poncho EVER.

    Heather worked on Audrey, Ei swatched for the Klaralund knit-along with some beautiful Noro, and I got a few more inches into Rehoboth (aka Pink Monster).

    The Lessons I Learned at KnitKnite

  • Denise Interchangeables are a little piece of heaven
  • Knitting is so much fun with others!
  • Caramel Macchiatos are delicious! (I already knew that actually...)
  • Tricot means "knit" en français
  • "We are comment hookers" said by Heather, but believed by all! Leave comments on blogs!

    Thanks ladies for a lovely evening! Lets do it again soon! :)

  • 8.25.2004

    Pink monster

    Can I get away with all of this pinkness? I have been told that pink is a great color for me... but is this too much of a good thing? I really love the color, but I am just trying to figure out if it is too bright!



    I have made fast progress on this sweater... I am planning something special for the neckline. I got the inspiration for it this past weekend when I went to Rehoboth. Therefore, this sweater will forever be known as the Rehoboth. :)

    I came across a very nice store in Baltimore today--Beadazzled, in Mt. Vernon. What a wonderful place for any crafty person. They have some beautiful beads and jewelry in the store, as well as classes on how to make your own stuff. I noticed that they had some books for sale, and came across this book:
    It has some nice designs in it, but I would mainly use it as a how-to and then go off and make my own beady beauty. Have any of you ever worked with beads before?
    I plan to go back to the store (there are two other locations--in DC and in Tysons Corner) and pick some beads for a knit project. The problem will be finding the perfect beads... it seems like there are a million beads in the store!

    In other news, I am really excited! I found out that I have the DIY Network on my cable package. The thing is, I just found out about it, and I have had this whole season! That means that I missed all the earlier episodes of Knitty Gritty and Knit One, Purl Two! Please play reruns!! I could kick myself for not checking my schedule before now. So, I set up a Tivo Season Pass for both--not going to miss anymore!

    Cute pattern alert!

    Click on the picture to take you to the pattern! What would I do different? Take off the stringy flower on the front... if it needed something there I would do a simple chain crochet flower. Otherwise, I think it is cute, and I plan to make it sometime soon. I do not have the yarn yet, but it is easy enough to acquire.

    In closing, I will leave you with a cute picture of my Bella Hund!

    She always looks so shy in pictures...


    Weekend Warrior

    I finished my blue cable sweater! It is not perfect, but the thing is I gained a lot more practice, and it may be a little wearable. My biggest complaint (which I did not even notice until it was finished) is the length. I wish I had made it longer--I am not a belly barer. The problem can be fixed by wearing an undershirt, but then it does not match the sweater.

    So, I finished this on Saturday night while watching Law & Order: SVU and the Olympics. I am not a big fan of finishing projects, but I have to say that the sewing went pretty fast, and was not too difficult.

    We woke up early on Sunday and headed over to Rehoboth, Delaware. Kris, his dad, and his brothers went clamming, while his mom and I went shopping at the outlets. Wow, I got a ton of GREAT stuff. I got two great sweaters, a beautiful cardigan, some tees, some cute accessories, and a great book. I had really had my eye out for a nice black cardigan. I was going to make one, but I began to think that it might be cheaper to buy one since the yarn for a quality project like that would cost quite a bit. So, when I saw this cardigan at the store yesterday (for $14.00!) I could not pass it by.

    On the drive over there, I worked on this pattern. I have used the pattern as a guide, and I think I am going to change the neckline, but so far it is working out very well. I made some good progress while driving between Delaware and Maryland. I just started the armoholes on the back.

    I am using LB Homespun in Boston Rose. This picture is a lot brighter than it is in reality.

    So, I worked a lot this weekend! I probably will not have the chance to knit this much in the near future with school starting (in one week!) but I hope to have some time to break away from homework!


    Folk Arts Studio plug

    Megan and I have tentative plans to visit one of our Maryland yarn shops next weekend, but I could not stand the wait (plus I was in the neighboorhood anyway) and stopped by the lovely and oh-so-groovy Folk Arts Studio in Bowie, Maryland. If you find yourself in this "neck of the woods", you should definitely stop by this shop! The shop also includes a pottery studio, a cafe, and a great area for waxing poetic and just plain ol' lounging. They have some ads for local musicians, and really promote community artists. The owner, Kathy, is an avid knitter, and has devoted a good portion of her space to a beautiful selection of yarns. She has a beautiful selection of Colinette (which I am a HUGE fan of), and has an extensive collection of Trendsetter, Fiesta, and Brown Sheep Co. There are also some other great finds... one particular line that I found today was Ironstone. Wow, they have some beautiful stuff! So, I walked out with:

    3 hanks of Knit One Crochet Too Tartelette in Wild Cherry and Denim Blue
    1 hank of Ironstone Mohair in Seaside
    1 hank of Ironstone New Wool in Combo 15
    1 pattern (not pictured) for a "self-fringing wrap" They had a great store sample, so I wanted to try it!

    Now I am off to finish my sweater! I am sooooo close!


    Stash / Notions Enhancement

    I am not picky about what I knit with... I knit with acrylic yarn all of the time, and there are some yarns that I really like. Red Heart TLC happens to be one of those! See the pretty BH that Carrieoke made with it! So, I stopped by Joann and picked up some TLC in Dark Plum. I have had this overwhelming desire to knit with purple yarns lately... so I got this. No idea what to do with it yet, but it sure is pretty! (Unfortunately the picture is pretty dark, but trust me, it is nice!)

    As you can see, I also got some circular needles, and a purse handle set (50% off!) I always love to find good deals!

    Kris and I are heading over to Delaware on Sunday for a little excursion. I am really looking forward to it! Unfortunately, the dogs cannot go, but I am sure they will be doing this anyway...

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post about a knitting group! I am excited about the KnitKnite coming up, and meeting everyone in the near future.

    I hope to complete the cable sweater this weekend--I should have some good time on the drive over to the beach!


    The Call of the Knit...

    On the way home from work, I got this idea in my head that I needed to do some more exercise. So, I came home, and got on the treadmill. I turned on the TV (which always makes it go faster), and jogged for about 20 minutes and walked for about 15. I was very proud of myself... I need to do it more often... and there is no excuse not to do so...

    Knitting News:
    Sleeve Two is moving much faster!

    The sleeve is not lying flat in the pic, so it may look a little uneven. I have been working on this sweater sleeve at home. Kris and I have been watching Six Feet Under, which in my opinion, is the greatest, (I also like 24, but that is not on right now) so I have had the chance to knit for awhile. We do not have HBO, but we watched the first two seasons on DVD, and then obtained the third and the fourth seasons by "other means"...

    I pulled out this baby and started working on it again. I even took it to work with me... I have a bad tendency to move on to the new cool project and leave other projects behind. I am so close with my Zeeby bad though. I am knitting the gusset right now, and it is super fast and mindless... 8 stiches of garter for 52 inches (I made mine bigger than the model). After that, the strap, then it will be done. I am thinking of adding some embellishments to it. The one in the book has a pocket inside the purse, but I think I may put one outside and make it all cute and colorful.

    I am in love with this color... it is so deep! The yarn is TLC, and it is knitting up quite nicely!

    I had a pretty nice day at work. My friend was out of town for three weeks, finally returning yesterday. I missed her company! We had lunch yesterday and a coffee break today, and it was really fun to catch up. Then I had lunch with some girls at work that are also in library school, and we had a nice discussion about geeky library stuff, and politics... usually I avoid politics with others, but I knew that we were all in agreement, and I would not be stepping on anyones' toes. So, as the saying goes: "Fun was had by all". <---That is a weird statement.

    One last note... I want to have knitting friends! I have a lady that I always talk about knitting with at work, but our schedules do not match up for us to sit and knit together. Stefanie, who used to live in my hood, told me about a knitting group in B'more that meets at night, but I need something that is more daytime, since I work part-time. I would also settle for meeting at night near my house, or further west (towards DC, but not really IN DC, you know?) I love DC, but it is a schlep to go down there at night and then come all the way back up to Columbia. I know of a SnB at one of the LYS, but after going a few times , I was not feeling it... I felt very left out, and my attempts to make conversation were met with silence or disregard :( , and I am a very friendly person. I guess I want to start my own group, or join an existing group. Anyone have ideas on how to go about this? Unfortunately, my town does not have a LYS, only craft stores, but is there a rule that you have to meet in a yarn shop?


    Dogs and Tomatoes

    We just got back from taking Jenny and Bella on a walk... You would think that a walk is the best thing that ever happened to them.

    And while we were on the walk, Rusty and Quincy held down the fort.

    ...and, in unrelated news... Look at these yummy tomatoes!

    They are so big and leafy, you can hide behind them (here is Kris doing just that)

    Yeah, so not really any knitting news to report, other than I am still working on the other sleeve of the cabled sweater. This one is going faster!


    Knitter's Progress

    Day 2 of the Project Kool-Aid did not involve any actual dyeing, but it did involve drying! My yarn took forever to dry... even after most of the day outside (Maryland humidity could have something to do with that, though!). For the skeins that were completely dry, I started the winding process.

    I need to repaint my toes...

    I find this process pretty relaxing and I get to see the multitones in the yarn. I think it should knit up quite nicely.

    As I was surfing around other knitting blogs, I noticed many people had the same design that I had--one of the regular Blogger templates. So, daring to be different, I created something a little different with the argyle theme in the background, nothing special or really technical, but more of a personal touch. I hope it does not make anyone's eyes cross... Let me know if it is too busy! :)

    I also finished the neverending sleeve... wow, this thing took forever! I don't really know why either.

    So, here is the sweater so far...

    One more sleeve (I hope this one goes faster) and the neckband and we are DONE!

    Thanks to everyone who checked out my blog and my Kool-Aid yarns! I really appreciated your comments!


    Brave New Yarn

    I woke up early this morning, and started the day by joining Project Kool-Aid, where the participants post their progress and creativity with Kool-Aid dyed yarn. I had never dyed yarn before, and I was really looking forward to it after I picked up the skeins of wool on clearance a few weeks ago!

    After buying my supplies (32 packets of mix, and a baster), I started on the project!
    (These are abbreviated steps--please check here for the full directions!)

    Wind 'em up...

    ...into hanks...

    ...and put into a large stainless steel pot and soak for 20-30 minutes...

    ...and prepare your dye mix (these are Strawberry Lemonade and Lemon Lime).

    Put yarn in pot and stir immediately and watch it change colors!

    Here is the first skein (drying phase)

    ... and here is all of the first batch (2 8 oz. skeins)...

    ... and I was a little more experimental with the second batch.

    Overall, I am really happy with how they turned out! My favorites are the purples and the reddish pinks. Those colors take the dye best. My little orange/yellow/green creation was completely experimental... I am still not decided whether I like it. I tried some different techniques, like gradation, which may be evident in the above pictures. I like the effect. If you want to know what flavors (colors) I used, drop me a line, and I will try to remember! :)

    I still have one and a half skeins that I will dye in the near future. I want to pick up a blue color (I could not find one at Safeway!) and make at least two hanks with that.

    I plan to make some felted things with these revitalized yarns--but I don't know what yet. Anyone have an especially great felted item to tell me about?