As I Lay Knitting

The front of cable sweater is complete! I was on a knitting marathon this weekend. So, within one week, I did back, front, and half of one sleeve. I am not trying to race through it, I just had more free time than usual.

I noticed that it looks a little uneven in this shot, but it matches up in the stitches, so all is well.

Jen is making sure I did it right.

The weekend was very nice and relaxing. I already mentioned that I had a lot of free time. We did our obligatory parental visits this weekend (no, it was fun, it just always seems so routine since they live in the same town) on Saturday. On Sunday, I drove about an hour north of my town to meet someone I met through one of my favorite sites, BookCrossing.com. We had a nice chat, and planted some books in the cafe where we met. When I got home, Kris had a nice lunch ready! We hung out for the rest of the afternoon and then headed to Kris' hockey game. Another successful game--they won 5 to 3. Kris got some points for assists, but no goals this time. Since his team has only lost 2 games this season, they are the first place in the division. The playoffs start next week!

I just dropped a load of money paying my tuition for grad school in the fall. I am glad to have that out of the way! I am really looking forward to this semester. Since I graduated from college in 2002, I have been taking German classes, but this time I will really be going back to class, in a program track... lots of homework, lectures, and then more homework. Yet, I am so very excited! *nerdy Lolly* Unfortunately, I will not be taking any history classes this semester, only Library Science.

  • Rare Books Librarianship (This is my focus)
  • Organization of Information (Required class)
  • German (Excited! Ich liebe Deutsch!)