The Call of the Knit...

On the way home from work, I got this idea in my head that I needed to do some more exercise. So, I came home, and got on the treadmill. I turned on the TV (which always makes it go faster), and jogged for about 20 minutes and walked for about 15. I was very proud of myself... I need to do it more often... and there is no excuse not to do so...

Knitting News:
Sleeve Two is moving much faster!

The sleeve is not lying flat in the pic, so it may look a little uneven. I have been working on this sweater sleeve at home. Kris and I have been watching Six Feet Under, which in my opinion, is the greatest, (I also like 24, but that is not on right now) so I have had the chance to knit for awhile. We do not have HBO, but we watched the first two seasons on DVD, and then obtained the third and the fourth seasons by "other means"...

I pulled out this baby and started working on it again. I even took it to work with me... I have a bad tendency to move on to the new cool project and leave other projects behind. I am so close with my Zeeby bad though. I am knitting the gusset right now, and it is super fast and mindless... 8 stiches of garter for 52 inches (I made mine bigger than the model). After that, the strap, then it will be done. I am thinking of adding some embellishments to it. The one in the book has a pocket inside the purse, but I think I may put one outside and make it all cute and colorful.

I am in love with this color... it is so deep! The yarn is TLC, and it is knitting up quite nicely!

I had a pretty nice day at work. My friend was out of town for three weeks, finally returning yesterday. I missed her company! We had lunch yesterday and a coffee break today, and it was really fun to catch up. Then I had lunch with some girls at work that are also in library school, and we had a nice discussion about geeky library stuff, and politics... usually I avoid politics with others, but I knew that we were all in agreement, and I would not be stepping on anyones' toes. So, as the saying goes: "Fun was had by all". <---That is a weird statement.

One last note... I want to have knitting friends! I have a lady that I always talk about knitting with at work, but our schedules do not match up for us to sit and knit together. Stefanie, who used to live in my hood, told me about a knitting group in B'more that meets at night, but I need something that is more daytime, since I work part-time. I would also settle for meeting at night near my house, or further west (towards DC, but not really IN DC, you know?) I love DC, but it is a schlep to go down there at night and then come all the way back up to Columbia. I know of a SnB at one of the LYS, but after going a few times , I was not feeling it... I felt very left out, and my attempts to make conversation were met with silence or disregard :( , and I am a very friendly person. I guess I want to start my own group, or join an existing group. Anyone have ideas on how to go about this? Unfortunately, my town does not have a LYS, only craft stores, but is there a rule that you have to meet in a yarn shop?