Folk Arts Studio plug

Megan and I have tentative plans to visit one of our Maryland yarn shops next weekend, but I could not stand the wait (plus I was in the neighboorhood anyway) and stopped by the lovely and oh-so-groovy Folk Arts Studio in Bowie, Maryland. If you find yourself in this "neck of the woods", you should definitely stop by this shop! The shop also includes a pottery studio, a cafe, and a great area for waxing poetic and just plain ol' lounging. They have some ads for local musicians, and really promote community artists. The owner, Kathy, is an avid knitter, and has devoted a good portion of her space to a beautiful selection of yarns. She has a beautiful selection of Colinette (which I am a HUGE fan of), and has an extensive collection of Trendsetter, Fiesta, and Brown Sheep Co. There are also some other great finds... one particular line that I found today was Ironstone. Wow, they have some beautiful stuff! So, I walked out with:

3 hanks of Knit One Crochet Too Tartelette in Wild Cherry and Denim Blue
1 hank of Ironstone Mohair in Seaside
1 hank of Ironstone New Wool in Combo 15
1 pattern (not pictured) for a "self-fringing wrap" They had a great store sample, so I wanted to try it!

Now I am off to finish my sweater! I am sooooo close!