KnitKnite Extraordinaire!

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet two other Maryland knitters last night, Heather, and Ei. Knit, chat, talk about blogs we love... it was great fun!

Three devout bloggers present, and I was the only one to have a camera with the memory cartridge, so these are only my accounts of what actually happened at KnitKnite...

Ei recently finished the lovely Audrey pattern, and was helping Heather get through some particularly nasty increases. Don't give up H, you are so close!
Take note of Ei's awesome Pagan tank top, and it may be hard to see, but Heather has the coolest pink poncho EVER.

Heather worked on Audrey, Ei swatched for the Klaralund knit-along with some beautiful Noro, and I got a few more inches into Rehoboth (aka Pink Monster).

The Lessons I Learned at KnitKnite

  • Denise Interchangeables are a little piece of heaven
  • Knitting is so much fun with others!
  • Caramel Macchiatos are delicious! (I already knew that actually...)
  • Tricot means "knit" en fran├žais
  • "We are comment hookers" said by Heather, but believed by all! Leave comments on blogs!

    Thanks ladies for a lovely evening! Lets do it again soon! :)