Knitter's Progress

Day 2 of the Project Kool-Aid did not involve any actual dyeing, but it did involve drying! My yarn took forever to dry... even after most of the day outside (Maryland humidity could have something to do with that, though!). For the skeins that were completely dry, I started the winding process.

I need to repaint my toes...

I find this process pretty relaxing and I get to see the multitones in the yarn. I think it should knit up quite nicely.

As I was surfing around other knitting blogs, I noticed many people had the same design that I had--one of the regular Blogger templates. So, daring to be different, I created something a little different with the argyle theme in the background, nothing special or really technical, but more of a personal touch. I hope it does not make anyone's eyes cross... Let me know if it is too busy! :)

I also finished the neverending sleeve... wow, this thing took forever! I don't really know why either.

So, here is the sweater so far...

One more sleeve (I hope this one goes faster) and the neckband and we are DONE!

Thanks to everyone who checked out my blog and my Kool-Aid yarns! I really appreciated your comments!