Lucky Knits

So I received my new issue of Lucky, and there are so many great knits on the fall forecast. The front page of the Lucky website features a cute cardigan with a nice satin ribbon around the collar. I love that little ribbon, and I am thinking about working some ribbon into some of my knits. You can see some cool stuff on their site, but I also took some pictures of my favorite knit-related things in the magazine. It is a great issue if you want to check it out! There were too many to scan in, but here are the highlights.

There is a layout on vests and the mag includes some runway shots, but here are three that I liked:

Not huge, but may take a few seconds to load...

I saw a similar pattern on Digital Yarn.

...And on my knitting needles... the sleeves of the Cable Sweater. I rushed through the front and back of that sweater, but I am going a little slower on the sleeves. I should be done soon though.