Schule hat begonnen

School started today! I packed my Trapper Keeper, and my lunchbox. I got my pencil case and my backpack. Okay, not really... but I wish I had all that cool stuff... I just had my notebook and an old pen, and these:

Don't they look riveting? Such is the life of a Library Science student...
Actually, I only had one class today, and it was quite interesting!
So, Tuesdays and Saturdays are now official class days.

I knew that today would be a good day...
I was greeted by these little beauties when the sun came out:

The color almost took my breath away! I would love to find yarn this color!

Here is a funny picture of my three cuties: Kris, Jenny and Bella

And ... here is Rehoboth in her near-finished state:

She is not done. I still have the neckline to do.

I hope to finish that tonight or tomorrow... the sweater came out a lot "boxier" than I intended. I have had this problem with my other sweaters as well, and of the three I have made, this is definitely the best sweater so far. Perhaps I am using too big of needles and too chunky of yarn? I don't know, but I really hope to make something that is a little more fitted...

A great big thank you to everyone who reads and sends me feedback! You all make my day! I really love reading all of your blogs as well! :)