Weekend Warrior

I finished my blue cable sweater! It is not perfect, but the thing is I gained a lot more practice, and it may be a little wearable. My biggest complaint (which I did not even notice until it was finished) is the length. I wish I had made it longer--I am not a belly barer. The problem can be fixed by wearing an undershirt, but then it does not match the sweater.

So, I finished this on Saturday night while watching Law & Order: SVU and the Olympics. I am not a big fan of finishing projects, but I have to say that the sewing went pretty fast, and was not too difficult.

We woke up early on Sunday and headed over to Rehoboth, Delaware. Kris, his dad, and his brothers went clamming, while his mom and I went shopping at the outlets. Wow, I got a ton of GREAT stuff. I got two great sweaters, a beautiful cardigan, some tees, some cute accessories, and a great book. I had really had my eye out for a nice black cardigan. I was going to make one, but I began to think that it might be cheaper to buy one since the yarn for a quality project like that would cost quite a bit. So, when I saw this cardigan at the store yesterday (for $14.00!) I could not pass it by.

On the drive over there, I worked on this pattern. I have used the pattern as a guide, and I think I am going to change the neckline, but so far it is working out very well. I made some good progress while driving between Delaware and Maryland. I just started the armoholes on the back.

I am using LB Homespun in Boston Rose. This picture is a lot brighter than it is in reality.

So, I worked a lot this weekend! I probably will not have the chance to knit this much in the near future with school starting (in one week!) but I hope to have some time to break away from homework!