Busting up those stereotypes

The Catholic school girls got knitty last night!

Jenn is working on a beautiful sweater coat (from Hip to Knit) with Brown Sheep Co.'s Burly Spun in Forest Floor. This stuff is so luscious! It will be a great coat for the winter!

Shayna is working hard on the ribbed scarves for her friends who are getting married next week. She is knitting fast to finish them up. Poor Shayna has to wear a brace when she knits because of wrist pain. So, she puts her *cast on*... eh, stupid knitter joke... sorry. It did not go over too well when I tried it last night, either! :)

The phenomenon continues! Everyone wants to be a knitibrarian! I know there are several of you out there, so I made a little button for us! I will improve it sometime in the future... when I get a little more time.

Kris and I are planning our trip to New Orleans, and I was looking up some yarn shops down there... and then I stumbled across something a lot closer to home! KnitNStyle's website has an LYS locator, and they have a listing for my town! I heard about this shop from Amie a few weeks ago, but I did not know when they were opening. So, I called the number on the website, and they have their grand opening on OCTOBER 8th! If any one around here would like to go that day, let me know. We can give the new shop a warm welcome!

I received two wonderful gifts yesterday from some very thoughtful people:

From Harlot Steph!

From Bethany!

Harlot's handspun arrived (I was worried it had been lost in the mail!) and Bethany sent THREE great cookbooks! She is a vegetarian hockey-lover like me! Thank you both for the sweet gifts!

I just ordered some goodies from Elann.com for some holiday gifts... it is that time of year...

Rusta is so tired he can barely hold his head up... he works so hard! He is almost the same color as the floor! *meow*


Lust for Life (and Anthropologie)

So, Tiny Owl and Froggy have both raved about Anthropologie... so I went to check it out. I was so totally impressed with their stuff--I am so inspired looking at catalogs and magazines and seeing beautiful knits--and this catalog has so many things! This cape/wrap really caught my eye. I think it is beautiful because 1) it is pink, and you probably know how I feel about that, and 2) because of that girly flower, and 3) because it is a great shape. However, I have a bad feeling that if I were to try to knit something like this, it would look silly (and not as good as this) and dated by next fall. Let me know your thoughts? Yea or Ney?

Yesterday, Kris and I went to a BBQ with some friends. It was actually like a baby jamboree... and of course we got the inevitable question: So, when are you two having babies? I don't mind kids, really, but I know that I am not ready for them now. Yet, I like knitting things for them! :)

Holly and I knit during lunch today, which was so fun! Our stuff was admired by several people in the staff lounge.

This is the Holly collage! Here she is fondling her Wool in the Woods yarn. It is so pretty! She is also doing her first double-pointed needles project--a baby hat! Yeah, those things still scare me... I can't quite figure it out...

Here I am modeling my headband. I made this awhile ago, but I never remembered to take a picture of it. I bought three spools of ribbon on clearance after Christmas last year, and knit up this headband. It is 4 stitches across and about 25 rows on size 11 needles. I attached ribbon at the edges to tie around the base of my neck. It holds the hair in place easily because it is stiff ribbon. It was a fun and easy project that took about 20 minutes to make!

Cute Pattern
I found this great little doll pattern on The Knitting Garden website. I love how it can be easily adapted for a boy or a girl, and it looks easier than some other knitted toys I have seen. I will probably make some for little presents...

I have a Knit-ibrarians meeting tonight with my Library School girls! It should be fun... and you know I will take pictures!



Things have been busy in Lolly-land! Kris and I started German classes this morning at the Goethe-Institut. This is our fifth semester in this program, and I feel like I am really starting to "get" it. Of course I need a ton of practice in vocabulary and conversation, but I think things are definitely moving in the right direction.

We just got back from a dinner celebrating my father-in-law's birthday. In the W family, September and October are the busiest birthday months. My brother-in-law's b-day is next week, and then both of my nieces (McKayla and Krista) are after that... so you saw the cardi I made for Krista, now here is the one I started on for McKayla:

You may remember me saying that I would not use this yarn again. Yeah, I remember that too... but then I thought how cute it would be with matching cardis, so I am working with the yarn to make that dream come true. However, I do NOT endorse this yarn--you WILL drop stitches, and it will be annoying the whole way through, but after it is complete, it is SO cute!

I received a wonderful surprise present today from Dani! I was so excited to get these little gloves in the mail. Thank you Dani, you made my day! They are so cute and small. Whoever made them is highly skilled in miniature knitting!

So, to give you an idea of scale:

They fit perfectly on the top of your fingers!

I saw this post on LadyCrochet's blog, and I just have to pass it on, because it is so cool! File this under the "Why didn't I think of that?" category.

Yarn of the Month Club

I am definitely going to join--I think it sounds like a great deal!

Have a great Sunday everyone! I hope to hear from you soon! :)


Pretty as a Pin-Up

Original froggy girl!

Miss Sweater Girl!

I found these pin-ups, and they were too funny and knitty not to post!
I hope you like them as much as I do. We should have a Miss Sweater Girl competition! Whose in? What is the criteria? Is there a (knit) swimsuit competition? :P

Things have been slow and steady on the knitting front... not too much to report. I am still plugging away with the Kris sweater. I have not had a vast amount of time to knit lately (due to commuting, school, commuting, work... did I mention commuting?) I wish I could knit and drive at the same time! I feel like half my life is spent in the car.

A special thank you to ... I could not commute without you!

I have such a wonderful group of knitters around me, both online and in real life! I thank you all for being so supportive and so accepting, I really love being a part of this group!

Here is one of my knitty girls, HOLLY!! These are our intense knitting faces:

We knit with each other on our lunch breaks at the library. It sure helps to knit after a hard morning in the office...

Holly made these cute little baby booties for one of our co-workers who is having a baby boy. She is already working on another pair for another friend who "has a little bun in the oven".

Around the KNIT WORLD in 80 words!
  • Go see Katherine's adorable new hoodie!
  • Carrie's new poncho is great!
  • Mandy's new cardigan is a work of art!
  • Megan has been busy, and she has two sweaters to show for it!
  • Marta is almost done with a beautiful zip cardigan!
  • Lisa just got a deal to sell her felted purses and soaps at the library's artisan show!
  • Kelly is finishing up a lovely Booga bag!
  • Beth has just finished this hat that she made from Missa's site--LOVELY!
  • 9.19.2004

    Knit-Out 2004

    So I set out this morning on the Metro to go to the National Mall for Knit-Out 2004! The weather was pristine, so I knew it was going to be a great day!

    I pulled out my needles and yarn on the train (as I always do) and was knitting away so diligently! I like knitting this sweater a lot. It is not difficult, and I can kind of knit mindlessly, and it still comes out looking quite nice.

    Once I pulled the needles out, I attracted the notice of some other knitty girls that were also riding the train! It was as if we had an instant connection, and we decided to hang out for awhile. Meet Rose, Virginia, Kelly, and Lisa!

    This adorable little girl and her dog, Max, were part of the fashion show. Max is sporting a very patriotic sweater while the little girl is wearing a capelet. The fashion shows were sponsored by some yarn distributors, like Lion Brand, and some yarn shops as well. There were some great designs!

    I met up with Jennifer, my fellow Knit-ibrarian, and had the opportunity to meet her wonderfully talented mom, Harriet!

    ...and I knew that my favorite LYS, Folk Art Studio, would be present...

    ...so I sought them out for a photo op!

    But the coolest thing about the whole day was definitely meeting all of these ladies!

    (Amie, me, Megan, Kim, Christina, and Jennifer!

    ...and Jenna gets her own pic!

    It was so great to meet everyone!


    In other news, my dad recently got back from a trip to Chile~and he brought me some presents--one of them is this great wool! It is hand spun and so yummy! The texture and feel remind me a lot of Noro. I have no idea what to do with it... but I know it will be great to work with, no matter what. There is enough to make something special with it... but what to do... hmmm... any ideas?

    This weekend, we celebrated my MIL's birthday. We had a great dinner and a fun time visiting. Here you see Kris, and my niece, McKayla, who will be seven next month... I have a special surprise for her birthday planned that I will be starting this week.

    And this is the barrel full of monkeys known as Krista, my other niece. Can you see her wearing this sweater? I made the sweater for her birthday, which is also next month. I think it will fit her very well--she is so cute!

    As you can see, I had a busy and fun-filled weekend! Thanks for reading, everyone! As noted in the previous entry, I now have HaloScan commenting system, so please leave your info so I can go visit you! :) Unfortunately, I still have not found a way to recover my comments from the past two months... I am hoping that there will be a way! I got so many nice notes from so many people... but that is all the more excuse for you to leave me more comments now!

    HaloScan Commenting

    Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to my blog.
    So, feel free to leave your email, and URL so I can check your site out!

    I just realized that HaloScan erased all of my previous comments! arghhhhh... Does anyone know of a way to recover them? I hope there is... or else I might cry... I love your comments so much!

    ...more tonight after the great KNIT-OUT...


    Looking For a Good Time?

    Looking for a good time? Do you feel lonely? Call Heather and Lauren for a good time! They know how to PARTY!

    Well, that is if your idea of partying is 95% knitting talk and 5% gushing over Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice!

    Heather is working diligently on the Klaralund, which is turning out absolutely gorgeous. Great work, H! This girl has got an amazing stash ~ and I had the amazing opportunity to "rifle" in it! She showed me some of her great RAOKs (she got a whole bag (!) of Noro Silk Garden from dear sweet EI--who was greatly missed last night!) and we drank coffee and did our fair share of *giggling* Can't wait to do it again--thanks Heather!

    Two very special people RAOK'd me yesterday!

    From Lauren!

    From Heather!


    Big weekend ahead, with the definite highlight being Knit Out! I can meet tons of you there! ... and then I have homework to do too...


    ~Aloha Knitters~

    My sister, dear sweet Mimi, sprung some interesting and exciting news on me this past weekend--she is planning to move to Hawaii after she finishes college! So, in preparation for this event, the doggie girls threw a luau!

    I am very excited for little Mimi, but I am a little sad that she will be moving thousands of miles away... but then I can go visit her, right? If you have any fun Hawaii facts or cool stories about places in the islands, please send them my way!


    The Blue Razzberry batch of the froggy wool came out pretty well--it is a dark teal/medium green. The color pictured here is pretty true to life. I have to come up with something to do with all of this wool! I have an idea to make a huge Farmer's Market felted bag (like in Weekend Knitting) but I am always open to some more ideas!

    Another KnitKnite plan tomorrow: Heather and I will be kicking it at her crib! We will be Ei-less (she is having a ball in So Cal!) but I think we can still manage some fun! So, you know that that means more pics! Stay tuned...

    I casted on for the Kris sweater tonight. This is what it will look like. This is what I have now:

    ...lest I forget my Zeeby? Nein! I am still working on the longest gussett in the world! I swear that I will finish this bag someday. I am enamoured with this yarn--it is acrylic, but it is great! TLC Essentials in Cranberry.

    I mailed out some presents for my SPIII today. I hope she likes the things I got her. She is a pretty popular knitty girl, and she receives a ton of presents from her other knitty friends, as her blog attests to, so I am hoping that these will not be lost in the fray... *crosses fingers*

    Once again, a big thank you to everyone who reads my blog. Your comments keep me going through some hard days! I love hearing from you all! :)


    Working again?


    Click on pic!
    It appears to be working again, so now might be the time to go and print it out! I hope it stays this way...


    Knit-ibrarians (or Librarians are knitty)

    As you may have seen in some of my previous post, I am a graduate student... in Library Science. With my keen observation skills, I have noticed that a lot of librarians and library workers like to knit. What is the link here?

    I would like to introduce you to a few of my library knitty girls and their purty projects:

    Holly is modeling a beautiful "ponchette" made with the softest Reynolds yarn EVER. Holly works with me, and we know how to clear a room! Holly has two precious llamas. They are her pride and joy, and she plans to sheer them to get some yummy fleece!

    Meet Shayna, one of my fellow librarians-to-be, she is also crazy like me, doing a double masters--she is studying music as well as LS. Unfortunately Shayna had a small accident here and had to frog back a row, but she is working on some lovely ribbed scarves. Shayna has been knitting for three years--the longest in our group.

    Jennifer is working on a lovely vertical stripe scarf with multiple yarns. This girl has got some yummy silk, some cotton tape, some cashmere... it is gorgeous piece! Jennifer attends grad school with me in Library Science, yet, this girl is ahead of the game--she already graduated from law school too!

    Julie is the newest knitter to the bunch. Shayna brought some yummy yarn and needles for Julie to start with. Julie got down the slip knot and cast on in record time, and should be knitting intarsia and fair isles in no time. Julie may be new to knitting, but this girl has been crafty for a long time! Julie is also studying library science right now.

    ...and who is this mystery library student knitter???

    ...the world may never know...

    In other knitty news, I received a package from dear sweet Lizzi today! She sent some great brown/red yarn that looks and feels soo cozy! Can't wait to use it! Thank you also for the nice candle and potpourri set~I am in love with Lilac!


    Thanks for all of the comments, everyone! I love you all! *tear*

    I still have not heard from the bootie designer (that is what she is known as in my head), but I may just go ahead and scan these in--they were (and should continue to be) public domain, in my opinion. So stay tuned for some bootie...