~Aloha Knitters~

My sister, dear sweet Mimi, sprung some interesting and exciting news on me this past weekend--she is planning to move to Hawaii after she finishes college! So, in preparation for this event, the doggie girls threw a luau!

I am very excited for little Mimi, but I am a little sad that she will be moving thousands of miles away... but then I can go visit her, right? If you have any fun Hawaii facts or cool stories about places in the islands, please send them my way!


The Blue Razzberry batch of the froggy wool came out pretty well--it is a dark teal/medium green. The color pictured here is pretty true to life. I have to come up with something to do with all of this wool! I have an idea to make a huge Farmer's Market felted bag (like in Weekend Knitting) but I am always open to some more ideas!

Another KnitKnite plan tomorrow: Heather and I will be kicking it at her crib! We will be Ei-less (she is having a ball in So Cal!) but I think we can still manage some fun! So, you know that that means more pics! Stay tuned...

I casted on for the Kris sweater tonight. This is what it will look like. This is what I have now:

...lest I forget my Zeeby? Nein! I am still working on the longest gussett in the world! I swear that I will finish this bag someday. I am enamoured with this yarn--it is acrylic, but it is great! TLC Essentials in Cranberry.

I mailed out some presents for my SPIII today. I hope she likes the things I got her. She is a pretty popular knitty girl, and she receives a ton of presents from her other knitty friends, as her blog attests to, so I am hoping that these will not be lost in the fray... *crosses fingers*

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who reads my blog. Your comments keep me going through some hard days! I love hearing from you all! :)