Another Knitty Night

Although I was only able to stay for a little while (homework!) I was able to get some quality knitting in with the lovely ladies of KnitKnite!

The Maryland KnitKnite is held on the first Monday of every month at the Borders' Cafe. I missed last month's meeting, but I got into contact with Amie, the coordinator, thanks to Eilene.

Here are some pictures of our fun time:

(l-r)Amie, Londa, Tish, and Shirley knit away, and discuss their work.
Note: See the great felted bag on the table? Shirley does beautiful work and even has a business selling them. I wish I had gotten a picture of her knitting bag. It is gorgeous!

Julie, Susan, and Ingrid knit and chat...

Ingrid, Ann, and Eilene sit and knit here.

I cannot wait to see you all again next month! I hope I can stay and visit longer then. If you are reading the blog and realized that I spelled your name wrong (or missed it altogether, I hope that is not the case!) please email me or comment with your correct spelling. Thanks!!

Here is what I worked on at KnitKnite:

"What is it?" I hear you saying... well, I am not entirely sure. Maybe a shawl, maybe a poncho... but it is fun to do, nevertheless. Kind of free-form knitting, you know? Just go with the flow!