Busting up those stereotypes

The Catholic school girls got knitty last night!

Jenn is working on a beautiful sweater coat (from Hip to Knit) with Brown Sheep Co.'s Burly Spun in Forest Floor. This stuff is so luscious! It will be a great coat for the winter!

Shayna is working hard on the ribbed scarves for her friends who are getting married next week. She is knitting fast to finish them up. Poor Shayna has to wear a brace when she knits because of wrist pain. So, she puts her *cast on*... eh, stupid knitter joke... sorry. It did not go over too well when I tried it last night, either! :)

The phenomenon continues! Everyone wants to be a knitibrarian! I know there are several of you out there, so I made a little button for us! I will improve it sometime in the future... when I get a little more time.

Kris and I are planning our trip to New Orleans, and I was looking up some yarn shops down there... and then I stumbled across something a lot closer to home! KnitNStyle's website has an LYS locator, and they have a listing for my town! I heard about this shop from Amie a few weeks ago, but I did not know when they were opening. So, I called the number on the website, and they have their grand opening on OCTOBER 8th! If any one around here would like to go that day, let me know. We can give the new shop a warm welcome!

I received two wonderful gifts yesterday from some very thoughtful people:

From Harlot Steph!

From Bethany!

Harlot's handspun arrived (I was worried it had been lost in the mail!) and Bethany sent THREE great cookbooks! She is a vegetarian hockey-lover like me! Thank you both for the sweet gifts!

I just ordered some goodies from Elann.com for some holiday gifts... it is that time of year...

Rusta is so tired he can barely hold his head up... he works so hard! He is almost the same color as the floor! *meow*