Knit-ibrarians (or Librarians are knitty)

As you may have seen in some of my previous post, I am a graduate student... in Library Science. With my keen observation skills, I have noticed that a lot of librarians and library workers like to knit. What is the link here?

I would like to introduce you to a few of my library knitty girls and their purty projects:

Holly is modeling a beautiful "ponchette" made with the softest Reynolds yarn EVER. Holly works with me, and we know how to clear a room! Holly has two precious llamas. They are her pride and joy, and she plans to sheer them to get some yummy fleece!

Meet Shayna, one of my fellow librarians-to-be, she is also crazy like me, doing a double masters--she is studying music as well as LS. Unfortunately Shayna had a small accident here and had to frog back a row, but she is working on some lovely ribbed scarves. Shayna has been knitting for three years--the longest in our group.

Jennifer is working on a lovely vertical stripe scarf with multiple yarns. This girl has got some yummy silk, some cotton tape, some cashmere... it is gorgeous piece! Jennifer attends grad school with me in Library Science, yet, this girl is ahead of the game--she already graduated from law school too!

Julie is the newest knitter to the bunch. Shayna brought some yummy yarn and needles for Julie to start with. Julie got down the slip knot and cast on in record time, and should be knitting intarsia and fair isles in no time. Julie may be new to knitting, but this girl has been crafty for a long time! Julie is also studying library science right now.

...and who is this mystery library student knitter???

...the world may never know...

In other knitty news, I received a package from dear sweet Lizzi today! She sent some great brown/red yarn that looks and feels soo cozy! Can't wait to use it! Thank you also for the nice candle and potpourri set~I am in love with Lilac!


Thanks for all of the comments, everyone! I love you all! *tear*

I still have not heard from the bootie designer (that is what she is known as in my head), but I may just go ahead and scan these in--they were (and should continue to be) public domain, in my opinion. So stay tuned for some bootie...