Knit-Out 2004

So I set out this morning on the Metro to go to the National Mall for Knit-Out 2004! The weather was pristine, so I knew it was going to be a great day!

I pulled out my needles and yarn on the train (as I always do) and was knitting away so diligently! I like knitting this sweater a lot. It is not difficult, and I can kind of knit mindlessly, and it still comes out looking quite nice.

Once I pulled the needles out, I attracted the notice of some other knitty girls that were also riding the train! It was as if we had an instant connection, and we decided to hang out for awhile. Meet Rose, Virginia, Kelly, and Lisa!

This adorable little girl and her dog, Max, were part of the fashion show. Max is sporting a very patriotic sweater while the little girl is wearing a capelet. The fashion shows were sponsored by some yarn distributors, like Lion Brand, and some yarn shops as well. There were some great designs!

I met up with Jennifer, my fellow Knit-ibrarian, and had the opportunity to meet her wonderfully talented mom, Harriet!

...and I knew that my favorite LYS, Folk Art Studio, would be present...

...so I sought them out for a photo op!

But the coolest thing about the whole day was definitely meeting all of these ladies!

(Amie, me, Megan, Kim, Christina, and Jennifer!

...and Jenna gets her own pic!

It was so great to meet everyone!


In other news, my dad recently got back from a trip to Chile~and he brought me some presents--one of them is this great wool! It is hand spun and so yummy! The texture and feel remind me a lot of Noro. I have no idea what to do with it... but I know it will be great to work with, no matter what. There is enough to make something special with it... but what to do... hmmm... any ideas?

This weekend, we celebrated my MIL's birthday. We had a great dinner and a fun time visiting. Here you see Kris, and my niece, McKayla, who will be seven next month... I have a special surprise for her birthday planned that I will be starting this week.

And this is the barrel full of monkeys known as Krista, my other niece. Can you see her wearing this sweater? I made the sweater for her birthday, which is also next month. I think it will fit her very well--she is so cute!

As you can see, I had a busy and fun-filled weekend! Thanks for reading, everyone! As noted in the previous entry, I now have HaloScan commenting system, so please leave your info so I can go visit you! :) Unfortunately, I still have not found a way to recover my comments from the past two months... I am hoping that there will be a way! I got so many nice notes from so many people... but that is all the more excuse for you to leave me more comments now!