Looking For a Good Time?

Looking for a good time? Do you feel lonely? Call Heather and Lauren for a good time! They know how to PARTY!

Well, that is if your idea of partying is 95% knitting talk and 5% gushing over Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice!

Heather is working diligently on the Klaralund, which is turning out absolutely gorgeous. Great work, H! This girl has got an amazing stash ~ and I had the amazing opportunity to "rifle" in it! She showed me some of her great RAOKs (she got a whole bag (!) of Noro Silk Garden from dear sweet EI--who was greatly missed last night!) and we drank coffee and did our fair share of *giggling* Can't wait to do it again--thanks Heather!

Two very special people RAOK'd me yesterday!

From Lauren!

From Heather!


Big weekend ahead, with the definite highlight being Knit Out! I can meet tons of you there! ... and then I have homework to do too...