Lust for Life (and Anthropologie)

So, Tiny Owl and Froggy have both raved about Anthropologie... so I went to check it out. I was so totally impressed with their stuff--I am so inspired looking at catalogs and magazines and seeing beautiful knits--and this catalog has so many things! This cape/wrap really caught my eye. I think it is beautiful because 1) it is pink, and you probably know how I feel about that, and 2) because of that girly flower, and 3) because it is a great shape. However, I have a bad feeling that if I were to try to knit something like this, it would look silly (and not as good as this) and dated by next fall. Let me know your thoughts? Yea or Ney?

Yesterday, Kris and I went to a BBQ with some friends. It was actually like a baby jamboree... and of course we got the inevitable question: So, when are you two having babies? I don't mind kids, really, but I know that I am not ready for them now. Yet, I like knitting things for them! :)

Holly and I knit during lunch today, which was so fun! Our stuff was admired by several people in the staff lounge.

This is the Holly collage! Here she is fondling her Wool in the Woods yarn. It is so pretty! She is also doing her first double-pointed needles project--a baby hat! Yeah, those things still scare me... I can't quite figure it out...

Here I am modeling my headband. I made this awhile ago, but I never remembered to take a picture of it. I bought three spools of ribbon on clearance after Christmas last year, and knit up this headband. It is 4 stitches across and about 25 rows on size 11 needles. I attached ribbon at the edges to tie around the base of my neck. It holds the hair in place easily because it is stiff ribbon. It was a fun and easy project that took about 20 minutes to make!

Cute Pattern
I found this great little doll pattern on The Knitting Garden website. I love how it can be easily adapted for a boy or a girl, and it looks easier than some other knitted toys I have seen. I will probably make some for little presents...

I have a Knit-ibrarians meeting tonight with my Library School girls! It should be fun... and you know I will take pictures!