Pretty as a Pin-Up

Original froggy girl!

Miss Sweater Girl!

I found these pin-ups, and they were too funny and knitty not to post!
I hope you like them as much as I do. We should have a Miss Sweater Girl competition! Whose in? What is the criteria? Is there a (knit) swimsuit competition? :P

Things have been slow and steady on the knitting front... not too much to report. I am still plugging away with the Kris sweater. I have not had a vast amount of time to knit lately (due to commuting, school, commuting, work... did I mention commuting?) I wish I could knit and drive at the same time! I feel like half my life is spent in the car.

A special thank you to ... I could not commute without you!

I have such a wonderful group of knitters around me, both online and in real life! I thank you all for being so supportive and so accepting, I really love being a part of this group!

Here is one of my knitty girls, HOLLY!! These are our intense knitting faces:

We knit with each other on our lunch breaks at the library. It sure helps to knit after a hard morning in the office...

Holly made these cute little baby booties for one of our co-workers who is having a baby boy. She is already working on another pair for another friend who "has a little bun in the oven".

Around the KNIT WORLD in 80 words!
  • Go see Katherine's adorable new hoodie!
  • Carrie's new poncho is great!
  • Mandy's new cardigan is a work of art!
  • Megan has been busy, and she has two sweaters to show for it!
  • Marta is almost done with a beautiful zip cardigan!
  • Lisa just got a deal to sell her felted purses and soaps at the library's artisan show!
  • Kelly is finishing up a lovely Booga bag!
  • Beth has just finished this hat that she made from Missa's site--LOVELY!