Pull this Thread

You may recall the huge shawl-collared men's cardigan that I acquired from my parents' closet cleaning jamboree... it looks a little different now!

The unraveling process proved to be a little more tedious than I envisioned. It was not simply "pull this thread and walk away..." I guess when you have a sweater that is nearly 30 years old, things are bound to be a little more difficult.

There was a lot of cutting seams and scrap thread and yarn, but I managed to get a few small hanks out of the left side panel of the cardigan. I did hit a few snags where some strands broke, but I fixed it pretty easily. This picture show a better representation of the color of the yarn than the first pic.

! BUBBLE BATH ! Yeah, the sweater was sitting in the back of a closet for quite a while, so it had that nice seasoned dust smell (yuck!), so I freshened it up with some shampoo! I also wanted to get some of the kinks out.

I was on a roll, I could not stop there... I looked over and saw the last three Kool-Aid packages, and I knew it was time... to DYE!

I think that this red is so pretty. I just did some test hanks, but I cannot wait to dye the others (still need to be unraveled). Kool-Aid dyeing is so much fun! I was excited to try it with a darker base, so the colors would come out darker, and not quite as "candy-colored" as the other Kool-Aid dyed yarn I have done. (Don't get me wrong, I love those too!)

...and now for the reason that most of you are even reading this far...

I am so elated and thankful for the generosity of Ms. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Who knew that a little post about a flower in my back yard would bring such a wonderful act of kindness? (If you don't have the faintest idea what I am speaking of, check here!) Thank you so much Stephanie for visiting my little ol' blog, and remembering my post. Thank you also for giving me six or seven times my normal hits! Wow, it is so nice to see everyone coming over! I would love to hear from you all... I LIVE FOR COMMENTS! Of course, I need an idea of what to do with this lovely yarn once it arrives, so please, let me know if you have a great design that will do it justice!

I came across two lovely knitted pieces today that I just have to share, because they are so pretty:
  • Purl Press is knitting up the lovely FCEK cable cardigan. I plan to start on mine soon, I really hope it turns out as great as hers!
  • Megan "Princess Papaya" is knitting a heavenly baby sweater! This red cabled sweater is so hot! Little Gwen will be the best-dressed babe! :)