Raiders of the Lost Closet

After a nice breakfast and a parting-is-such-sweet-sorrow departure at the airport with my girl, Bec, Kris and I headed down to my parents' house for a little visit. They were doing some major cleaning when we arrived, and Lucky Lauren got to take some of dad's old sweaters for some unraveling fun!

I am not entirely sure that I want to unravel both of these... I like the purple one a lot the way it is... it is pretty big on me, but this cable work (I don't know if it will show up in this pic too well) may be difficult to unravel. Maybe I can alter it? They are both tweed-style wool.

This one is an old shawl style cardigan circa 1977. I want to unravel it and then possibly dye the wool. I have seen that when you dye darker colors with Kool-Aid, you get darker dyes (I guess this is pretty logical) so I wanted to see how something like this would do with a pink or red dye. It is 100% Shetland Wool, and looks like it will be pretty easy to unravel. Plus, it has cool buttons that I can recycle on a future project!

I also found some other goodies at mom and dad's!

Mod purse!

Ruby slippers!

My big find was this great cardi. It belonged to my grandmother, and amazingly (as if it was divine providence) it fit me! (It is so surprising because my grandmother is short and petite, and ...ahem... I am not!) I am not crazy about the color, but I love the design. I decided to add my flower pin for some color!

I got my mother to pose for a shot! This is a shawl I made for her for her birthday, last April, and was never able to take a pic of it till now. I like the way it turned out. It is done with LB Homespun in seed stitch.

Mom gave me some presents too! Thanks Mom! :)

As a follow-up to the Kool-Aid dyeing yesterday, these yarns are "all balled up with no where to go..."

I like the way that they look balled up rather than in hanks. It shows the colors better. I was really unhappy with the red/green one after dyeing, but all balled up, I actually like it! I hope it knits up nicely.

...and to make you smile, here is Rusta on his tuffet...