Sense of Accomplishment

I finished the Krista sweater! The true test remains... will it fit her? My initial idea is that it will be too long for her. I followed the pattern exactly, but I still think it is pretty big. I will let her try it on, and then figure out what to do after that. I guess I could hem it somehow.

I love how the purple bow looks! Well, I went through my stash and remembered that I bought 4 more balls of Cha Cha to make a matching sweater for Krista's older sister, McKayla... so I am not done with Cha Cha yet. I will work with the annoying yarn just so they can have cute matching sweaters! (Maybe I a m giving it a bad wrap... it is just very easy to confuse what is the eyelash, and what is the main thread, which lead me to several dropped stitches.)

I woke up pretty early this morning (courtesy of my alarm service: a black labrador's wet nose on my feet) and did some dyeing.

I had some leftover packages from last time, and I combined them with some new ones. The first picture shows Black Cherry/Grape mix (1), Black Cherry (2), and Grape/Pink Lemonade (3).

The second picture shows my incompetence : ( This skein turned out ugly and uneven--I ran out of the color and was left with these spaces at the bottom. I was hoping for something red and green for little Christmas felts... I guess I can still use it, but it is not what I wanted. The other skein is Black Cherry again.

Last night, Kris and I went out with Bec to see Garden State.

Wow, what a great movie! I laughed, I cried... this one was probably the best I have seen all year. Great writing, great acting, great soundtrack... I think I liked everything about this movie. I even loved all of the previews. There were several movies that picqued my interest.

After the movie, we went and got some drinks, and craziness ensued... well, we really just talked...

Kris and Bec looking cute, and Kris and me. The picture of Bec and me was weird, so maybe a better one will come from her camera.

We have plans to get together with some friends from high school and college tonight. It will be nice to see everyone there... other than that, I think I should catch up on some homework reading...

Charity Knitting Opportunity
Food and Friends is a really great nonprofit in DC that supports people with AIDS.

It's time to dust off your knitting needles! We're already
collecting donations of yarn and scarves for the 2nd Annual Food &
Friends Knitting Project. Please donate your creative talents to
ensure that each Food & Friends client receives a unique, hand-made
scarf for the winter season. Last year we delivered over 270 warm and
wooly scarves and we'd like to make even more this year.

For more information about how you or your knitting group can join us in this effort, please contact Diane at dtollick@foodandfriends.org or 202-269-6824.

If you are interested in participating, let me know! I would love to donate some nice scarves to this organization.

Have a great Sunday everyone!