DPN = Double Pointed Nightmare

Like any seasoned traveler, Lolly Lauren knows that you must be prepared for any situation. Just think how awful it would be if Lolly Lauren had a spare moment, and did not have any needles and yarn to knit with? or even a book to read? It is a tragic thought, but thankfully, Lolly Lauren thinks ahead... and carries around her trusty project bag. Yeah, it is a small bag, but it contains three projects: Kris sweater, Green Giant cable scarf, and the newest addition... the DPN practice tube.

Don't leave home without it!

Yes, you heard correctly. The girl who is afraid of DPNs stepped up and decided to face her fear...

Dear sweet Holly picked up DPNs last week to make a baby hat. Now, she is working hard on some socks for her momma. She has no fear in her eyes, just a fierce determination, and swift and adept fingers... She diligently counts her stitches with the lovely self-striping Fortissima Colori on her size 2 toothpicks! Look at her go!

Yet, across the table, a poor girl tries to wrap her head around the idea of these strange creations... DPNs? What are these tortuous things? Like a kindergartner with the "large" pencil and the "death grip", Lolly Lauren tries to knit with size 8 DPNs. No such luck... at least on the first ten tries...

Okay, now I am back to first-person singular. Yeah, so I have 4 rows of stitches on the DPNs. I only have this because I was "resolute" and "stayed the course". They are not pretty... but I am practicing! I would have prefered to work on Green Giant (who is growing big and strong at a mighty three feet!) but today was the day to learn how to use the 4 (or 5) needles of death.

Darling Jeanette, a co-worker and friend (as well as a great crafty gal), crocheted these loverly hats for a charity project. We are constantly talking about knitting, crocheting, and yarn, and our fellow co-workers have finally realized that we are not going to stop, so they might as well get used to it.

Here is Darling Jeanette modeling her new hat, which perfectly matches her outfit (was that planned?). This is what I like to call the PINK LADY shot! *Do your little turn on the catwalk!* One of these days I am going to sit down with Jeanette and get her to teach me how to crochet... I really would love to learn! We tried once before and I was able to get a few rows, but I think that that was by a total accident...

In other news, Kris and I got our tickets for New Orleans! I am really looking forward to our trip! We have not been on a vacation in quite awhile, so this one is long-overdue in my book. Loz Lauren suggested some nice places to check out while in town, and I am open to more suggestions! :)