Eternal Sunshine

*Running around like a chicken with its head cut off* It sounds gruesome, but that is a pretty good description... nonetheless, I have a lot of great knitting things to tell you about--almost too many!

On Sunday, I met with M and M to knit it up at Folk Art Studio in Bowie. Meg drove an hour plus to come and visit us... the other Megan lives right around the corner. (Lucky girl!) We had such a nice time. Wish we could have knitted longer, but we all had to head in separate ways after a few hours.

We all came out with some goodies, and plan to go again in the future. Thanks for a nice getaway, girls. Maybe I could change my name to Megan too... :)

I left the Studio with some nice stuff, pictured here. 2 hanks of the lovely Rio de la Plata (the other Uruguayan yarn), 2 hanks of Ironstone mohair, and 1 hank of Ironstone cotton tape. The Studio has such a variety of things, and it is so hard to narrow down what you want...They just expanded the line to include some Debbie Bliss and several Noro yarns, so check them out if you have the chance!

I got a very special RAOK from Amie (who just got back from Rhinebeck!). I can't wait to learn, Amie! Thank you so much for sending this to me. I love the hand-painted spindle, and the roving that you bought is so yummy. We should set up a time soon!

We celebrated my niece, Krista's, birthday this weekend, and I gave her the "Dead Muppet" cardi that I made. I was worried that it would not fit, but it ended up being just fine. When she opened the gift, she squealed, then promptly threw it aside to play with new toys--that was expected. I finally got a picture of her wearing it... she would not try it on for me, because that required standing still. Yet, I got her older sister, the lovely McKayla, to pose with her. Still no cute smile, but she is wearing the cardi. Of course, it looks strange here because she has a sweatshirt on underneath.

I knit with dear sweet Holly yesterday, who says she "does not have enough time to blog"... who does, sillyhead? I already made up the perfect name for her blog, now she just needs the time to sit down and do it. :) Let's cheer her on-- go Holly! :)
The Bluest Eye
Holly continues the lovely Fortissima sock. This girl is a speed demon with those size 2 dpns. I would still be on the second row with those toothpicks, but she has a good start on this sock! Granted, she is also working on some other lovely projects which I hope to show you all soon... bring in the blanket, H!

...and I have been working diligently on this FCEK cardi. The yarn is very annoying, (LB WoolEase splits like nobody's business) but the color is so great, so I keep going. It seems very big... perhaps it is a little stretched in this pic...

And I leave you with a pic of my little menagerie:

Quincy and Rusta (the kitties) sit near the window, while Bella and Jen (the pups) hang out, and you can even see one of the fish tanks in the background!

Thanks for reading everyone, can't wait to hear from you!