Green Giant

Just got back from class... busy day! I am glad to sit down for a few minutes and catch up on some knitting blogs (and update my own!) Thank you all for your kind comments!

I started this cabled scarf for my little sister, Sarah. (Not the one in the pics below... I have another one, who is yet to be pictured... I will snap one of her soon!) She does not know I am making it for her. I hope she likes it, and I hope she likes the color choice. This is the Araucania that I picked up at AC Moore. I like the way it knits up.

I had some difficulties starting this scarf because I am not good at *knit math*, and when a pattern says 11 + 1, yet I want an edge stitch... anyway, I figured it out, and it is symmetrical, and that is really all that matters! :)

I got my Yarn of the Month Club package today. Yeah, they are small samples, but they are nice quality things. I think I will stick with it for awhile. They also sent a nice shrug pattern, as well as an info sheet on dyeing yarns with natural things (that can be found in your backyard!) so I found this exciting.

I signed up for this Club in September, so I am thinking that they owe me September's yarns too... they sent October's. Anyway, the yarns are (l-r) Chamonix by Jaeger, Squiggle by Crystal Palace, Promise by Alchemy, and Pacha by Bouton d'Or. As I mentioned, they are all very nice yarns... but pretty small swatches... enough to whet your appetite!

My SPIII received her presents over the weekend, and I think she really liked them... at least she said she did!

I got a nice RAOK CD from Mindful Moderation over the weekend, so I wanted to send her a special THANK YOU. What a great compilation! You are so kind!

EI posted the pics from last Thursday on her blog, and I just wanted to reprint one of them here (See her blog for the other one!) Heather, Eilene, and I met up at Clyde's in Columbia, and had a very nice time. They are both headed up to Stitches East in Atlantic City, NJ, this weekend! Have fun ladies!

Happy knitting to all and to all a good night~