There are changes on the horizon, nothing really major, but still things are a little *up in the air*, and there are some decisions that are weighing on me... so, knitting has been a very nice therapy for me lately.

My FCEK cardi is growing to gargantuan proportions. I am making one of the larger sizes, because I wanted to wear a top under the cardi comfortably. But, I still think it might be a little big for me... I checked my gauge and everything, but it still looks huge.

Maybe this is the impetus I need to get my self on the treadmill. Anyway, the color is so great, the yarn still sucks, but I am sticking with it. I am nearly finished with the back. Anna finished hers the other day, and it looks SO great. I am really tempted by the 3/4 sleeves. I'll see what I want when I get there... I can only pray that mine will turn out half as good!

Holly and I "knitted it up" this week, and she brought her amazing blanket to show. We have an arrangement: she brings the lovely items to show, and I photograph them for the blog world. So, she is living vicariously through me :)

Amazingness! She is working on the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SnB in Noro Fuji. The picture does not do this blanket justice... I swear this is one of the most amazing things I have EVER seen! This will be the luckiest baby on the planet! Too bad it will probably throw up on it...

Got the new Family Circle Easy Knitting mag, and I do like some of the patterns in it. I think there are some nice sweaters like Arctic Blue (in a not-so-furry yarn though, IMHO), and the cabled sweater (I would make it in a pink or purple, naturlich!) , among others. My favorite two knits are not previewed on the website... they are the ballet wrap cardi, and the turtleneck sweater on the following page. Both are on the *TO KNIT* list!

Kris and I just finished watching Mean Girls, which I thought was a pretty cute movie. I am a Tina Fey fan, so I liked to see her script, as well as her acting. The story had some similarities to my own... like how I moved from a far away land (New Mexico), and met a cute boy (Kris) while in my junior year of high school. The similarities end there, no "plastics" or sabotaging or getting run over by buses.

...so, in that spirit of nostalgia, and remembering high school, I thought I would show you a picture from senior prom. Kris and I had been together for about a year at this point... *sigh*

Party like its 1999!

Back to 2004 -----> I wish you all a lovely and relaxing weekend!