Olive Juice

Remember when people use to mouth the words "Olive Juice"... and it looked like "I love you" ? Yeah... I just remembered that...


Yeah, so that is definitely more punky than I am, but I thought it was cute. The image of Kris is pretty close... except Kris has a nose.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the website where I made these little images, but I will try to find it again.

It has been a few days since I wrote last, but I have been knitting, and have generally been busy. I have a lot of school work that is piling up, and unfortunately, my blog comes after the homework... yeah, I know... I need to get my priorities straight.

Kris and I got some great mail today!

This is the new Dyson vaccuum cleaner. It totally sucks... and it is cute to boot! Look at that yellow!

This is my order from Elann.com. It got here so quickly. Two Patons pattern books and some Classic Elite '03 Tweed for the Irish Hiking Scarf Knit-Along.

I met up with Eilene and Heather for a fun dinner last night. We did not knit, but we had a great time. Thanks ladies for a nice time! :) Eilene took a picture, so I will post it soon... in fact, Eilene inspired the title of this post [Olive Juice] because that girl loves her some martini action! She asked for olive juice on the side! :)

I started on this purse on Wednesday, and it was a super quick knit. I still have to weave in the yarn and sew it. I thought about felting it, but I was not sure--your thoughts? I used Lion Brand Landscapes in Autumn Trails. The yarn is a step in the right direction, but I became frustrated when I started a new ball and it came unspun and began to unravel. I will probably use these handles or ones a little smaller for this purse.

The new Lion Brand catalog had some okay stuff in it. They are definitely obsessed with all things fuzzy and furry, but I try to look past that and see the garment construction, and overall, I thought it was a pretty good catalog. I thought that this capelet was cute. I might decide to do something like this, and hold off on the Pink Riding Hood. I think it is pretty, but I think it would look totally dumb on me. *bleh*

Lest you forget the Kris sweater? Yeah, it was on my back burner too. I know he will not wear it any time soon (he loves the cold, but does not really dress for it) so I am not knitting it too quickly. I just bound off some stitches for the armholes... so it is coming along as well.

Wow, Carolina put up some pics and a link to the new Rowan Vintage Knits and I am totally in love... I need this book. If you want to see some great knits (in my opinion) check out this lovely book! *counting my pennies*

Okay, I need to run and do some Hausaufgaben (homework!).