You all are great with your well wishes! I am a lucky Lolly to have all these cool knitty friends :)

I have to share a lot of news, so this will be a heavy picture post. Oh how I love clicking pics of everything...
especially with my new camera!

We just got it tonight. We used the trip to New Orleans as an excuse, but both of us have wanted a new one for a long time. This camera is so HOT! We got a case too, because this baby is gonna get a LOADS of use! (Its all for you, my darlings!)

QUESTION: Guess what I did last night?


ANSWER: Had a lovely evening with my dears, Heather and EI!

Here are the pics to prove it...see H's blog for all the other pics. This is a very well-documented evening!

Got to Eilene's lovely home and she prepared the wonderful champagne in her lovely hand-painted champagne glasses...

H jumped right in with her Zim-Zim-Zimmerman pullover. (Can't wait to see how this turns out! Monica just finished her version!) Love this picture--take a looks at this sexy engineer! Rrrrr!

Ei let me use her umbrella swift and ball-winder (these are amazing inventions) to make my little yarn tuffetts. This is their technical name.

You may recognize the lovely Ironstone mohair from my last trip to Folk Art Studio, as well as the scary Rio de la Plata... but what is this lovely morning glory colored tuffett? None other than the handspun from Harlot!

H mentions my Mohair Mystery on her blog (check out her pics!) and I like this title, so this is now going to be known as Mystery. This mohair is so yummy, and you see the colors, so you know that I love it... I have a specific idea in mind for this, and it will be revealed right before your eyes...

I received a very sweet RAOK from Lynne. Thank you so much for thinking of me. This squiggly yarn will make a great scarf! Umm... and the chocolates are already gone...

I want to leave you with Heather's adorable bumper sticker. It looks so cute on her zippy red car! :)

I will talk to you again before I leave for NOLA... on Sunday... at 5:30 AM! *bleh*