24 years ago...

...I was born in a small East Tennessee town to a pair of cute parents...

My sister and I went out on Friday night. We went to dinner and then saw The Incredibles (highly recommended). We had a great time--it was an early birthday celebration, and a chance for us to get together and have some fun.

Maryn bought this lovely bracelet for me while she was in Azerbaijan this past summer. This is amazing and exactly the one I would have chosen...

I got some pics of her too, in a scarf I gave her for her birthday.

You see a resemblance?

I think she likes it.

On Sunday, I headed over to my parents' house for a nice little get-together. My mom and dad were making a lovely dinner (tons of veggies für mich!)

Here is my youngest sister, Sarah, Mom, and Maryn. Sorry Dad (LBD)... I will get a good one of you next time... IOU. :)

Meet ______ (yet to be named)--My new puppet! I used to be a puppeteer and I really loved the work. It always makes people smile! I never had my own puppet, but my dad found this awesome guy at a specialty store in North Carolina. He is so expressive! You can expect to see much more of _____ (Help me come up with a name for him!)

Sarah picked up some lovely coffee mugs for me, as well as a JoAnn gift certificate (see this for a hint of what I will get with the certificate) Thanks Si! Mom and Dad picked up a beautiful clock with a pretty chime. Kris and I need to find the perfect place to put it. Thanks! :)

Kris, knowing the depth of my knitting addiction, gave me these knitty things:

Can't wait to try this Embellish-Knit. I will report with the results (and pics)!

Thanks to all of my knitty friends who sent e-cards, well wishes, and snail mail cards. You all are so great! You sure know how to make a girl feel special. Aww shucks :)

Have a good week!