Big Easy

I am back! Unfortunately I came back to a sick kitty and a leak in the ceiling... so this morning has been very nuts. Rusty appears to have some kind of bladder / UT infection, the vet said it was inconclusive till we could get more samples... yum.

Then this leak appeared downstairs underneath our master bathroom. Evidently the showerhead is leaking and has caused a crack in our ceiling. Kris and dad are out at the local hardware store get all the stuff to fix that up...

SO, as you can see, it was a lot to come back to! We actually had a GREAT trip. Thanks for leaving all of the well-wishes on the comments!

Without any further ado:



We got a shuttle down to Reagan National (not the airport closest to us... all for a direct flight) and we waited at the gate. I finished the strap on the purse I have been working on for ages... it is loosely based on the SnB Zeeby bag, but the more I do, the further I stray from the pattern.

We got to New Orleans around 10am local time, so the day was ours! We quickly took off our sweaters and jackets in the 80 degree weather. We met up with Kris's co-worker, Alycia, who was also in town for the conference. We immediately set out on the palm-lined streets toward the boisterous French Quarter... mind you it was Halloween day, so we had to find something for the parade!

We decided to go the easy way and just buy masks for the Halloween party. Kris got a cool racoon mask, and mine is a sequin peacock mask... The beads we are wearing were not acquired by showing any boobies--they were in a pack at the ubiquitous Mardi Gras stores.

Sights from Bourbon Street Halloween Parade


Kris and Alycia had most of Monday free before the conference, so we headed down to the French Market (a big flea market/farmer's market) on the streetcar (not named Desire, rather, French Market, go figure). Streetcars are cute and slow, and you could probably walk faster than they move, but they are a novelty, so why not?

We took in some lovely sights, like this Joan of Arc statue. Yeah, Joan of Arc was French, but she was the savior of Orleans, France, so, New Orleans claims her as well. The quarter is known for its distinctive architecture and its rich history. I just eat this stuff up...

...Unfortanately, my feet were getting tired and I needed a brief respite. What is the prescription, doctor?


Thank goodness a yarn shop was nearby... albeit extremely overpriced, and not very organized. They also lacked that southern hospitality, as we did not even get a nod when we came in. I still used the opportunity to gaze at the Noro Wall, and fondle their stash.

We went to the Garden District for lunch, and for an afternoon stroll (er... hike) and went through the Lafayette #1 cemetary. Very interesting history here. All of the bodies are kept above ground because of the city's altitude is below sea level.

We got caught in a freak rain storm after walking around (no umbrellas), so we headed back to the respective hotels to doll up for our Dinner Jazz Cruise!

We met at the boat and boarded soon after. Dinner and drinks were really great (they even had some nice vegetarian options!) and the cruise down the Mississippi was grand! The band played old jazz, and I danced in my new shoes!

We promptly went back to the hotel and crashed... busy day!

More to come... very soon!