New Kid on the Block

All of your well-wishes and good lucks worked! My first week (only three days) at my new job really worked--things went great! I was so happy to find out that they have all of the same systems as my previous job, so I did not have to learn all the ins and outs (and bugs) in the new systems. I think I can say that it has been a successful transition--even though I miss my peeps in B'more!

Long time no update--honestly I have not had much time to sit and run through all of my bloglines, much less update my own bloggy blog. The new job requires a very early start in the morning, and I am usually dragging by the end of the day (especially the nights I have class...) ...so much so that I have had to turn down TWO KNIT DATES! Sorry Knitibrarians! Sorry H and Ei--I would not have been good company. I was a zombie on both nights. I am hoping to adjust to the new schedule soon, and I can plan accordingly.

Such exciting news to share: Kris asked me to teach him to KNIT! It was completely out of the blue, but of course I jumped on it. He picked it up so fast! Within 20 minutes, he had cast on, and knitted about 4 rows of garter! I was so amazed. He also picked up purling in a few seconds. The only thing that need work is his tension... but that is pretty natural. I was just so excited that he even took an interest :P See his scarf here--knitting for less than 24 hours and already a ribbed scarf!

...and what is Lolly working on, pray tell!

It's a mystery (aka Christmas present) for a certain someone who might look at my little blog and see it... so the only clue:

Knit with the fun and fabulous K1C2 Tartelette in a lovely pattern (All will be revealed in due time, dearies!) But in the meantime, I think this yarn is pretty, and I think the recipient of this knitted object will like it too! (I hope!)

Since I have not blogged recently, I was not able to show all of my weekend activities! I was loving life and Kool-Aid on Sunday! I was part of the Project Kool-Aid Dye-Along and became quite addicted to this little experiment. I love the colors that came out with this "dye lot".

All balled up!

Short update today... hopefully more to come as I have the 4-day weekend to knit, Knit, KNIT (and do homework...)