WIPping Girl

(To be sung to the tune of "The Muffin Man")

Oh, do you know the WIPping Girl,
the WIPping Girl,
the WIPping Girl?

Oh, do you know the WIPping Girl,
Who lives in Maryland?


I have previously discussed my Attention Deficit Knitting. While I feel like it is not something to be ashamed of, I am diligently learning to live with this affliction. It has not be an easy road, but one that must be traveled in order to ever have an FO, leading to a happier existance...

I give you my gallery of WIPs (Works in Progress):

Exhibit A

The Landscapes purse
90% complete
Needs to be lined & seamed; attach handles
Christmas gift for sister

Exhibit B

Dead Muppet Cardi in Patons Cha Cha
65% complete
Finish front; sew in sleeves; sew on ribbon tie
Belated Birthday for niece

Exhibit C

Die Tasche
90% complete
Line and Seam; attach pocket or crochet flower?
For me to schlep around

Exhibit D

Seed Stitch Christmas scarves
70% complete
Finish scarve; Weave in ends; Stitch on winter motifs
Early Christmas for nieces

Exhibit E

FCEK Cardi
35% complete
Knit both front cable panels; Knit sleeves; Seam
For me to wear forever

Exhibit F

Kris sweater
30% complete
Finish back; Knit front and sleeves; Seam
For meine Mann, Kristopher

... and finally, the most recent WIP...

The most difficult thing about this project? Getting the second one to remotely look like the first one! AH! I have started and subsequently frogged THREE times. Maybe FOURTH time is a *charm*... I really like the first one though! I tried a thumb hole, but then I frogged back on that and just went for a bell at the bottom. Very warm and cozy--they are so cute. Once again, I am smitten with this yarn!

... yeah there are more WIPs... but to protect the innocent I cannot reveal them! (Mainly because some of the people read my blog!)


In other knitty news, I got over to the Baltimore Museum of Art to see this show. Ms. Stefanie Glampyre has several knitted objects in this show! Unfortunately I was not able to get any good pics because I was reprimanded/threatened by the guard--even though the museum pamphlet explicitly says that PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED for educational purposes (of course my blog is EDUCATIONAL!)

I managed to get this ONE pic of some of the knitty objects in the show. Sadly, I was not able to get a full shot of the dressform with the garments on it (it is on the far right of this shot... you can barely see it). Stef made a great sweater with her signature skully on front (pink with white skull), and the mannequin was wearing a very familiar garment as a skirt--v. cute! Also featured was Stef's cool fat/skinny scarf in pink and red. If anyone is in the Baltimore area before November 28th, go check it out. Great stuff!

My little sis is coming over soon and we are going to go OUT! Woohoo!

Have a lovely weekend all!