Cradle Robber

That's right... I am a cradle robber.

Kris turned 24 yesterday... I am a whole 6 weeks older!

Happy Birthday Bear!

So we celebrated Kris's birthday tonight with dinner and drinks!

I am wishing Kris a happy birthday!
Yummy Appletini with a cherry on top!

Thank you for the kind comments about my Christmas gifts. It was so cold here in Maryland today, I hope that they all were able to use their warm presents!

So, the post-holiday knitting spree has begun. I am finishing up all of the things before the holiday knitting started. I knit ALL day yesterday... and my wrist pains prove it. Wow... I feel like such a wimp, but my left wrist feels like it is broken! It is strange why it would be my left wrist. I knit continental, and all my left wrist does is stay there and hold a little tension... the right one is the one that is working. Nevertheless, my little velcro bandage seems to help a little. I am knitting through the pain!

The Kris sweater is growing fast. I worked on this while going to PA on Christmas day, and also on the way home (even though it was getting dark...) I am about 1/2 way through the front. The back is already done, and then with the sleeves... I think I should be able to wrap this one up soon--enough time for him to wear it before the spring!

I need a portable project for all of my train riding, and this lovely mohair is just the ticket. I am in love with this colorway! It is the simple fan pattern that I have been working on alot lately. I think my fingers have it all memorized, after mom's Christmas stole! The next portable project is destined to be some socks. I cannot wait to tackle those bad boys!

I found the only redeeming quality about the new FCEK to be this cardi. So, I am officially adding it to my list of Things to Knit. I like the simplicity, and it can be dressed up or down... just like me :) Other than this one, this mag sincerely sucked... come on designers! Let us have some quality stuff!

Lolly got some great knitty books for Christmas! Can't wait to dig in!

...I also received some lovely presents & cards from some knitty friends!
Thank you for thinking of me!

Countdown to the NEW JOB: 7 days!


Lolly's Mysteries Revealed

Christmas Eve celebration with my family went very well - always fun to hang out with them. After a yummy lunch, we begin to open presents.

I was so excited for my family to open their presents, I could barely stand it!

Mom's Feather and Fan Stole
Yarn:Ironstone Mohair from
Folk Art Studio
Pattern: Adapted from
this pattern

Dad's Tweed Ribbed Scarf
Yarn:Classic Elite New Tweed
from Elann.com
Pattern:2 x 2 rib for
5 feet

Mimi's Diva Shawl
Yarn:K1C2 Tartalette
from FASC
Pattern:Distributed by K1C2

Sarah's Cable Scarf
Modeled by Sadie
Yarn:Araucania Wool
Pattern: My Own!

See? I was knitting up a storm... I just couldn't show you everything!

We are headed up bright and early to visit Kris's family in Pennsylvania... plenty of time to knit in the car!


Whistle While You Knit

Contrary to what you might think… I have not fallen off the face of the planet.

I left you over a week ago in a lurch—I was finishing up my LAST project for school, and then I had two interviews! Well, the follow-up: I got an A on the project, and I got BOTH jobs! This is a good thing, because they are both part-time, and allow me to go to school and have a life at the same time (at least that is the way that it appears at this moment!)

I have been knitting up a storm—but until now, it has been very clandestine. All the things I was knitting were gifties, and the recipients are loyal readers (yo yo family!), so tomorrow, after the Christmas Eve celebration, I will reveal to you the mysteries of the LollyKnit Universe! I promise!

In true Lolly-style, I have been sittin’ and knittin’ with some of my peeps!

See Jenna (and me)... We have met up several times in the last few weeks. She is counting down her days before leaving for the other side of the world (INDIA) but we have been able to fit in some great conversations, and a little knitting into our short and sweet meetings. I am totally excited to see what happens on her amazing trip!

Then I just got back from knitting with Heather and Nicole (who remains blogless). We met up the other night at Eilene's Christmas party, and we decided to fit in one more knit night before the holiday! Ei was not able to make it, but as you can see, we kept ourselves busy with knitting...

We got our first snow in Maryland. It was totally wimpy, and barely covered the grass, but it was snow nonetheless, and I loved it! I am hoping for more very soon! ...and then I can play in it and not have to go to work.

I can show you Kris's newest knitty project (in lieu of my own clandestine knits). It is hard to see in this shot, but there is a distinct design that Kris charted up himself! It is a small circle that alternates between stockinette and reverse stockinette.

... And in case you were wondering...

What do dogs want for Christmas?
Simple answer:

PEANUT BUTTER! My girls LOVE this stuff!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post...


Tomorrow Tomorrow

Tomorrow Tomorrow... you're only a day a way...

Then I will be finished with school (for this semester!) and I can knit knit knit!Once again, I have a ton of things to work on for Christmas presents, but I have a BIG paper due tomorrow, and have had little time to actually knit stuff. I will finish the presents before Christmas, however!

So, in order to keep my sanity in this *crazy* time of year...

I spent some time with the MEGANS!

Megan was a real sweety and planned a whole "Linner" (Lunch/Dinner) affair for Kris and me, and Meg and her DH, Matt. Oh boy, did we have fun! Megan is an awesome cook, and served up some yummy snacks and a great veggie soup and zucchini parmesean (yummy vegetarian food!)

We were knitting away, and our DHs were left unsupervised:

They talked about football the entire time... and then played PS2.

...and we showed off projects, and then knit some more!
Meg's first foray into lace-knitting was a success! Her Charlotte's Web is stunning! She actually was starting a second one, another Christmas present... what perserverance! I think that a third one should definitely be for you, Meg! :)

Megan just finished the SnB Nation Monster Slippers! Googly eyes! Of course, monsters have three eyes... and they even google around when she walks! Über cool, MM! I think that I need some now... my feet are cold! :P

After Linner at Megan's, we headed over to the niece's Christmas Pagent! LOVE my girls! They are on both ends of this picture... Krista is the tiny blond who got cut out of the pic (thanks to Uncle Kris), and McKayla is the lovely brunette on the opposite side.

... and to celebrate the end of the semester, I have several knit dates set up! HUA! Jenna tomorrow (I will take pics!), and hopefully with my girls Ei and Heather on Thursday!

My regular knitting will resume one day soon... I have so many wonderful projects in mind... I think I will finish the two sweaters that got put on the back burner (FCEK cardi and Kris sweater) and then move on to some of the lovelies I have been dreaming about... like the amazing Alchemy Woman Pullover that amazing Elka sent to me for SPIII.
... and then all that stuff from the new Knitty
... and all those pattern books that I have bookmarked ...
The possibilities are endless! :)

I have an interview tomorrow, and another one on Wednesday... yeah, I know I just changed jobs, right? Well, I might be changing again... I will tell you the story in due time...

Peace, Love, and Knittiness to you all!


Super Special

Kris and I got a special treat on Monday night (which seems like so long ago... I have not had the chance to blog at all!)... we got to see a pre-screening of

The Aviator

I really enjoyed this movie. There were a few parts that were a little long, but overall, it really held my interest, and I thought it was a very interesting portrayal of Howard Hughes. Very good actors, great director... this one will get several Oscar nods.

I am in the midst of some pretty heavy research and final projects for school (the yarn organization project is out of the way though!) so I have not had a lot of time to do much else lately... plus, I am still adjusting to my new job. While I think that the new place is nice, I really miss my old crew at Hopkins (shout out to Holly Ann!) and I am still getting used to the commute... so I have had the blues for a few days (weeks) now... I am hoping that things will get better soon.

Enough down-in-the dumps... I want to tell you about the other fun stuff I have done lately! I whipped up a fast little neck-tie project with some left-over yarn (I made Bec's scarf with the same yarn) and I really love these colors. It seems to go with nearly every outfit I wear... which is always good for mixing and matching. I wore it to the movie premiere on Monday, and lots of people were complimenting... which kind of surprised me because it was done in about 45 minutes on Sunday night! It is simple seed stitch in LB Homespun.

Kris's first knitting project was an absolute success! He made this little neckwarmer/collar for our dearie dog, Jen Jen. He even seamed up the side with no complaining. It was a little big for her, so we adjusted, and now it fits perfectly. Now Bella Hund wants one too... maybe hers should be green?

Kris and I checked out the new yarn shop in Columbia, All About Yarn, and I was very impressed with their selection and their prices. They have a nice space also, with enough room for classes, and plenty of shelving for yarn. They also have some comfy couches out front where you can just plop down and knit away.
I picked up two pattern books, one is Dalegarn Trend by Dale of Norway. There are some beautiful patterns inside... check out the site above for some of them. The other is Lang Yarns Men and Accessories (this title cracks me up!) There are some sex-ay sweaters in their for my accessory... I mean man :)

And you can see we got three skeins of Cascade 220 for some projects. Kris chose the green ones, and I chose a red one... I am thinking about making a French Market bag... (like Heather's!) and Kris is planning a scarf/hat number.

Ooh, and what about that new Knitty! I love it! I definitely want to make Stef's Cathode(check her site for some other great pics!), and I like Belle Epoque... I just have a feeling that I would look preggers in it, and I would probably punch the person that asked me "When are you due?" ... Tempting, Candy, and Mariah all get my vote as well... like I said, I really love this issue. Loving litte Pasha too! *squish squish* (Mandy--Great work on this issue! I miss you!)

Wanna see what I am making now?

I am working on several things... almost all of them are presents, except for this lovely creation right here --->

Loz Lauren posted her beautiful feather and fan the other day, and I was so inspired that I started my own with this amazing mohair. Lurve this yarn. So the presents are all very nice too, but I don't want to show them just yet... cause certain peeps read my blog!

I missed Knit Night with my girls, EI and Heather last night. I hope you had fun blitzing! However, I did manage to fit in a little time with the ever-delightful Jenna Pink Monkey at lunch today! She works about two blocks away from me, and this is the second time we have met. I have a short lunch break, so I was not able to knit much (only 2 rows), but we had a great time talking. Once again, I forgot my digi cam when I met up with her, but I PROMISE not to forget next time!

I leave you now with a pretty picture of the new pin I got... actually used to be my grandmother's in the 60s, but now it is my new pin. I love it!


For Organization's Sake

It is no surprise to anyone that knows me (in real life and in bloggy blog land) that I am nerd girl...

I am currently in graduate school studying library science and history. For one of my classes, the always titillating and edge-of-you-seat, Organization of Information, I had to organize a personal collection and assign a classification system and discuss the methods I used to organize my project.

... and it probably no surprise what I organized!
I had to choose 20 skeins of yarn and classify them. Of course, Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal system were not going to get me anywhere... so I came up with my own little scheme. I presented my collection (with a special visual--Colinette Point 5) and my professor (who is a knitter) seemed to really appreciate my efforts.(Go ahead, call me a brown-noser!) It actually was a very helpful project in organizing my stash--I set up a spreadsheet with fields for the descriptors of the yarn: fiber, yardage, color, etc., and then made a field to show what yarn goes with which project. I like it organized now... we shall see how long it stays this way!

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Jenna Pink Monkey on Thursday for lunch break! Our offices are about 3 blocks apart--so it was easy to meet and get a bite to eat. Unfortunately we did not have the time to sit and knit (or even time for a photo op, but we talked about knitting, so that kind of counts. I look forward to some more great times before she leaves for India in January (isn't that rad? I wanna go!) A photo of our meeting will come next week--I promise! In the meantime, go check out her great blog :)

...and as if it was not cool enough to dine with one knitty friend, I later had dinner with two other knitty friends, Heather and EI! We went to the cozy and yummy La Madeline. We all had November birthdays, but due to conflicts of one kind or another, we were not able to get together (all three of us) during the month, so we traded presents. Eilene is such a sweetie! She got me this lovely layout, including an adorable sheep tape measure, a copy of the latest Spin-Off, and two skeins of luscious Classic Elite La Gran in Infra Red. Thanks EI! :)
Heather recently finished her modified French Market Bag (I like hers better than the one on Knitty!) and the colors are just too cool. See the closeup of the adorable bag here.

Received my Yarn of the Month package yesterday, and I like their little Christmas themed yarns. The green alpaca yarn really caught my eye this month--so nice! I think that joining this club was a good decision. The samples seem like they might be getting a little bigger--I plan to make a fun scarf with them one day soon.

Today was Secret Pal III Reveal Day, and while it was fun to "come out" to the knitter that I sent gifts to, it was especially fun to hear from the sweet pal that gifted lil ol' me with all of this loveliness (I am still floored by her generosity!) Thank you so very much, Elka!!

As you can imagine, I have not had much time to knit in recent days because I have been busy with my aforementioned organization stash project and another big school project, and my new job, and the commuting... yeah, things have been busy... but, I plan to get some knit on tonight after this entry is complete... I have plenty of gifties to work on! More to follow very soon!

Thanks for reading and commenting as always, you all are the bestest!