Cradle Robber

That's right... I am a cradle robber.

Kris turned 24 yesterday... I am a whole 6 weeks older!

Happy Birthday Bear!

So we celebrated Kris's birthday tonight with dinner and drinks!

I am wishing Kris a happy birthday!
Yummy Appletini with a cherry on top!

Thank you for the kind comments about my Christmas gifts. It was so cold here in Maryland today, I hope that they all were able to use their warm presents!

So, the post-holiday knitting spree has begun. I am finishing up all of the things before the holiday knitting started. I knit ALL day yesterday... and my wrist pains prove it. Wow... I feel like such a wimp, but my left wrist feels like it is broken! It is strange why it would be my left wrist. I knit continental, and all my left wrist does is stay there and hold a little tension... the right one is the one that is working. Nevertheless, my little velcro bandage seems to help a little. I am knitting through the pain!

The Kris sweater is growing fast. I worked on this while going to PA on Christmas day, and also on the way home (even though it was getting dark...) I am about 1/2 way through the front. The back is already done, and then with the sleeves... I think I should be able to wrap this one up soon--enough time for him to wear it before the spring!

I need a portable project for all of my train riding, and this lovely mohair is just the ticket. I am in love with this colorway! It is the simple fan pattern that I have been working on alot lately. I think my fingers have it all memorized, after mom's Christmas stole! The next portable project is destined to be some socks. I cannot wait to tackle those bad boys!

I found the only redeeming quality about the new FCEK to be this cardi. So, I am officially adding it to my list of Things to Knit. I like the simplicity, and it can be dressed up or down... just like me :) Other than this one, this mag sincerely sucked... come on designers! Let us have some quality stuff!

Lolly got some great knitty books for Christmas! Can't wait to dig in!

...I also received some lovely presents & cards from some knitty friends!
Thank you for thinking of me!

Countdown to the NEW JOB: 7 days!