Tomorrow Tomorrow

Tomorrow Tomorrow... you're only a day a way...

Then I will be finished with school (for this semester!) and I can knit knit knit!Once again, I have a ton of things to work on for Christmas presents, but I have a BIG paper due tomorrow, and have had little time to actually knit stuff. I will finish the presents before Christmas, however!

So, in order to keep my sanity in this *crazy* time of year...

I spent some time with the MEGANS!

Megan was a real sweety and planned a whole "Linner" (Lunch/Dinner) affair for Kris and me, and Meg and her DH, Matt. Oh boy, did we have fun! Megan is an awesome cook, and served up some yummy snacks and a great veggie soup and zucchini parmesean (yummy vegetarian food!)

We were knitting away, and our DHs were left unsupervised:

They talked about football the entire time... and then played PS2.

...and we showed off projects, and then knit some more!
Meg's first foray into lace-knitting was a success! Her Charlotte's Web is stunning! She actually was starting a second one, another Christmas present... what perserverance! I think that a third one should definitely be for you, Meg! :)

Megan just finished the SnB Nation Monster Slippers! Googly eyes! Of course, monsters have three eyes... and they even google around when she walks! Über cool, MM! I think that I need some now... my feet are cold! :P

After Linner at Megan's, we headed over to the niece's Christmas Pagent! LOVE my girls! They are on both ends of this picture... Krista is the tiny blond who got cut out of the pic (thanks to Uncle Kris), and McKayla is the lovely brunette on the opposite side.

... and to celebrate the end of the semester, I have several knit dates set up! HUA! Jenna tomorrow (I will take pics!), and hopefully with my girls Ei and Heather on Thursday!

My regular knitting will resume one day soon... I have so many wonderful projects in mind... I think I will finish the two sweaters that got put on the back burner (FCEK cardi and Kris sweater) and then move on to some of the lovelies I have been dreaming about... like the amazing Alchemy Woman Pullover that amazing Elka sent to me for SPIII.
... and then all that stuff from the new Knitty
... and all those pattern books that I have bookmarked ...
The possibilities are endless! :)

I have an interview tomorrow, and another one on Wednesday... yeah, I know I just changed jobs, right? Well, I might be changing again... I will tell you the story in due time...

Peace, Love, and Knittiness to you all!