Whistle While You Knit

Contrary to what you might think… I have not fallen off the face of the planet.

I left you over a week ago in a lurch—I was finishing up my LAST project for school, and then I had two interviews! Well, the follow-up: I got an A on the project, and I got BOTH jobs! This is a good thing, because they are both part-time, and allow me to go to school and have a life at the same time (at least that is the way that it appears at this moment!)

I have been knitting up a storm—but until now, it has been very clandestine. All the things I was knitting were gifties, and the recipients are loyal readers (yo yo family!), so tomorrow, after the Christmas Eve celebration, I will reveal to you the mysteries of the LollyKnit Universe! I promise!

In true Lolly-style, I have been sittin’ and knittin’ with some of my peeps!

See Jenna (and me)... We have met up several times in the last few weeks. She is counting down her days before leaving for the other side of the world (INDIA) but we have been able to fit in some great conversations, and a little knitting into our short and sweet meetings. I am totally excited to see what happens on her amazing trip!

Then I just got back from knitting with Heather and Nicole (who remains blogless). We met up the other night at Eilene's Christmas party, and we decided to fit in one more knit night before the holiday! Ei was not able to make it, but as you can see, we kept ourselves busy with knitting...

We got our first snow in Maryland. It was totally wimpy, and barely covered the grass, but it was snow nonetheless, and I loved it! I am hoping for more very soon! ...and then I can play in it and not have to go to work.

I can show you Kris's newest knitty project (in lieu of my own clandestine knits). It is hard to see in this shot, but there is a distinct design that Kris charted up himself! It is a small circle that alternates between stockinette and reverse stockinette.

... And in case you were wondering...

What do dogs want for Christmas?
Simple answer:

PEANUT BUTTER! My girls LOVE this stuff!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post...