Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!

Tomorrow is the big day for me, I start a new job, and I am totally excited!

Nice things about my new job:

  • Kris works at the same place.
  • My new boss ROCKS!
  • It is a job in the Archives/Special Collections = my focus in library science.
  • It is closer to my house, but still near my school in the city.
  • It pays better.

So, what is not to love? My previous job, one that I only stayed at for 6 weeks, was okay, but when this new opportunity came, I felt that I could not pass it by. Plus, I was having a difficult time getting into the groove there. I was commuting nearly 3 hours a day for a part-time job--and it was just not worth it.

It appears that 2005 will start out with a bang--it is going to be a busy year, I can already feel it!

Now, onto the reason that you are actually here... what we dream about, what we think about every waking moment... (or is that just me?)

Lucky Lolly got to spend two days (in a row!) with these lovely ladies!! Heather and "Pixie" Jenna came over to mi casa on Thursday for a night of knitting fun (and we even watched The Little Mermaid!) and then we met at All About Yarn on Friday for some knitting time! So much fun!

...and we even had another special visitor...

JENNA PINK MONKEY!!! Jenna is heading out this week for a two-month stay in INDIA! She is going to be working in a Women's Center in northern India teaching women how to knit!!! She set up a travel blog Jenna In India, so that we can all keep track of her!!

She is diligently sewing up her Kyoto sweater... can't wait to see the end product!

While at the lovely LYS, I found some great things:

All of that Sisik is for one of the Dale of Norway patterns:


This yarn is great, and there are some great patterns in this book.

Also picked up the sock yarn, figuring I should give the DPNs another chance.

Work continues on the Kris sweater--almost done with the front--and my wrist is feeling better!

... and because I always love something new, I started a fun vertical stripe scarf with some random pink yarns that Nicole gave me:

S is for SCARF

Looking back, I accomplished a lot in 2004. I really matured in my knitting--I am still pre-pubescent though :) I made three sweaters (none of which I have worn out of the house...) about 10 scarves, 1 pair of wristlets, 4 stoles/shawls, and 1 hat... probably some other things that I am forgetting...

So, what do I want to learn and do in 2005?

  • How to spin (Amie is coming over on Tuesday to teach me!!)

  • How to crochet (perhaps you can help with that, H?)

  • Expand my knowledge of knitting techniques, by "cutting my teeth" on some intarsia and fair-isle (and other color works)

  • Improve my finishing skills, and have garments that actually fit me.

  • Design my own patterns :)

And what patterns do I want to tackle in 2005?

Stay tuned... I have something cool to show you really soon!!!!